Thursday, November 3, 2011

A visit to Orbost

Gday all!!

Sorry its been a while since our last update. To make up for our absence here are a couple of posts to keep your eyes truely appealed.

Last Sunday I made the trip to Orbost to take photos of the location and explore parts of the area I didnt know existed.

The following photo was taken from the old highway crossing looking towards Bairnsdale. This photo shows the longer trestle bridge and the 'new' highway bridge.

This photo shows the remains of the rail over old highway bridge. This will be modelled on the third module as it was in 1981. Originally it consisted of more spans however was later filled leaving ony a few trestles exposed.

View along the old highway. These two large trees have been a local landmark and feature in many photos and videos taken of this area.

View of the short trestle bridge (completed on the layout). The station was located just beyond this bridge. Virtually nothing remains now. :-(

The iconic view from Grandview lookout. Many photos have been taken from this location in the almost 100 years since the opening of this bridge. Not much has changed in this view apart from the lack of rails and differing paddock arrangements.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Take care and Happy Modelling


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