Thursday, November 3, 2011


Gday all!!
Here is the last of our posts for today. This swamp has developed into its own feature deserving of its own post.
This area located on the third module and just off the old highway as it passes under the rail over road bridge. This area has not changed much in the 30 years since 1981.
The swamp was created using 6mm static grass, through a grass applicator that applies static charge to enable the fibres to fall vertically into a water/PVA mix. Adding detail to the swamp is the use of pre-fabricated grass tussocks in the form of small adhesive patches. Ill post more information on these at a later date as they are a great and useful product.

The trees on the hill use the same technique as described in the previous post. Woodland Scenics Confer Green matt was cut up into 7mm squares and teased into fluffy shaped pieces and glued onto the wire tree armature with a small amount of Selleys Quick Grip.

Not bad eh!! Who would have thought the train was supposed to be the feature of this photo!!

Another angle. I cant take my eyes off this area!! It looks soooooo real!!!

To prove it I took a photo of the ACTUAL swamp during my recent trip. The colour of the reeds slighty differ when the season changes.

This finalises this group of three posts. Hope you enjoyed the progress. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on

Take care and happy modelling.

Adrian and Paul.


Miss Victorian T Gauge said...


Trainspotter-USA said...

abso-bloody-lutely incredible. I really don't know what to say. you guys are pushing the bar for T gauge modelling so high, we'll need an airplane to get up there with you. Stunning work it really is

B 67 said...

Miss Victorian T Gauge (Hi 'Nay!) has a point there. It is indeed incredibly boring that we must continually be astounded by the quality of your work, Mr Victorian T Gauge. :)