Monday, February 2, 2009

Briefcase Layout Update

Gday all!!
Just a quick update showing changes to my briefcase layout.

Below is a picture from where the good shed will be located showing the disused branchline heading to the left.
Here is a pic showing the trees placed on the hills just out of town. A country cottage will be located on the top right of the picture. The driveway can just be see branching to the right off the main rd.
This pic shows the completed and painted crossing lights. I still have the "Railway" and "Crossing" barriers to complete. The pub and general store will be located on each corner of the road.
Overal view showing the progress. I now have to source materials to start working on the town buildings.

Take care and Happy Modelling

Pauls Layout Progress

Gday everyone!!

Here are some pictures of the progress of Pauls layout. He had captured most of the geographical features that often featured on VR lines:
- Trestle bridge
- Large landfill often followed directly by a steep cutting
- Culverts
- Deep valleys and small creeks
- Dense timbered valleys

He started with a large block of foam and within a week has converted it into a very nicely landscaped valley, based loosely on the Boggy Creek (East Gippsland Vic) trestle bridge.

The layout was shaped and filed to creat the layout shape you see below. The layout consists of 8 separate pieces of foam!!

The layout was then given a light coat of plaster to smooth the foam and culvert pipe added to the landfill at rear.

It was then that colour could be added. Using fine sifted soil followed by Woodland Scenics Fine Turf ('Burnt Grass' and 'Earth'), this was achieved by adding layer at a time then sprayed with a mix of PVA and water. Paul also added broken twigs and sticks to get the effect of fallen trees in the valley. The cuttings are lined with clay gathered from the famous (local) Maffra cutting. The clay was crushed up and added with PVA and water mix.
Trees will soon be added, trestles made for the remainder of the bridge and a small station complex added (back left) to complete the layout.

Now time for drooooooolllling!!!!! View of Pauls layout and a picture of the Boggy Creek trestle bridge.
It is amazing what can be achieved in this tiny scale in the period of just a week. It will be exciting to see what will be achieved by the end of next week!!
Until then.... Happy Modelling