Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a quick post to say I have started a N scale blog of all my N scale stuff and projects.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My new toy!!!

Taking macro pictures using my old 2 megapixel Canon A40 was ok when dealing with HO and occasionally N scale. However entering a competely new arena with T gauge I had to resort to borrowing my parents 5 mexapixel camera. Not completely satisfied with the results (all previous shots), I deemed it necessary to go out and purchase a new camera, so I did......... ok.....truthfully I begged my wife to get one......... :-)
The new beast is a Canon PowerShot SX100. 8 megapixel with the best 'Macro' mode in the shop before hitting the Digital SLR market. I have only had it for a bit over a day and am already very happy with it.
What better items to test the macro mode on that some T-Gauge rolling stock. Here are the results:

Click on image to expand to full size

A view of the front of the loco. The 'wing' effect was achieved by slightly cutting the vinyl triangle. The circle (which is usally filled with a VR logo) was programmed into the vinyl cutting design.

Using direct sunlight as lighting.

The loco looks like its made to fit perfectly on an Australian 50c coin.
Thats all for now. The next post will hopefully be when the T-Gauge stock arrives. Till then take care and happy modelling.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Just to keep you guy interested while we eagerly await the arrival of the T-Gauge stock, here are some more pics! Rolls of vinyl that are used in the layering process. Imagine how much rolling stock can be made with all this!!!!!!

Here is a side of a BCE passenger carriage.

Incomplete steel car showing the method of creation.

12.5cm for the length of a small train!!! Imagine the length of a big train!!!

Hmmmmmm.... closest this to seeing a full train so far!!

Just a quick post. Will keep you updated!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First VR Locomotive

Wow!!!! I have just arrived home after meeting with Paul to take photos of the progress of his VR Flat-Top T Class locomotive. Upon laying my eyes on this materpiece im sure my mouth was hanging open however no sound was coming other than "wooooow" and "amaaaazing" followed by drool!! Unfortunantly this wont be seeing the track as the design needs adjustment, however it will make a very nice scenic loco to park in a siding or shed. Anyhow Paul is typing up a post for me to upload to the forum outlining the production details but for now I will simply amaze you all with his handywork. Enjoy!


Click for larger photo.

Yep, thats 3 cm!

Here is Paul with his handywork. Can't tell he is proud can you............. :-)