Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First VR Locomotive

Wow!!!! I have just arrived home after meeting with Paul to take photos of the progress of his VR Flat-Top T Class locomotive. Upon laying my eyes on this materpiece im sure my mouth was hanging open however no sound was coming other than "wooooow" and "amaaaazing" followed by drool!! Unfortunantly this wont be seeing the track as the design needs adjustment, however it will make a very nice scenic loco to park in a siding or shed. Anyhow Paul is typing up a post for me to upload to the forum outlining the production details but for now I will simply amaze you all with his handywork. Enjoy!


Click for larger photo.

Yep, thats 3 cm!

Here is Paul with his handywork. Can't tell he is proud can you............. :-)

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