Friday, January 30, 2009

My Layout Progress

Gday everyone!! Here are some shots of the progress of my briefcase layout. I have finished the trestle bridge and have scratchbuilt some level crossing lights. I will make a post later on with the methods used to make each of these. After completing the landscape (made from shaped foam covered with thin layer of plaster) I painted the entire layout in acrylic brown. I added different shades of brown to the sides of the cuttings as these would recieve less foilage later. I the attached the track to the base board and taped up the rails. Spraying fine mist of water and PVA glue to the entire layout I then added the grass. For the grass I used Woodland Scenics Fine Turf ('Burnt Grass' and 'Earth'). I added two fine coats of each of these colours.
So now I am up to the stage of making shrubs and trees. I also have to do the buildings for the little town near the road intersection. These will include an 'Aussie' Pub, General Store, a few houses, Railways station and goods shed.
I will edit this post at a later date to add some pictures of the landscape before it was painted and 'grassed'.
Paul has alspo made huuuuge progress on his layout. He has utilised the same steps as I have done and is up to the same stage. I will make a post of his layout when I get pictures of it while 'grassed'!

Until then........Happy Modelling

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been working hard on layouts.

Gday All

Paul and I have been working very hard on our layouts. My briefcase layout is coming along quite well and Paul has started on a rural valley layout. We are catching up tonight to work on them a little more. It has been 40+ degrees during the day here so that makes it difficult to work. Layout building time has been pushed into the cooler evenings.

I have pictures but ill keep them to myself until after tonight were I can add some more progress shots. Ill make separate posts for each layout.

Until then.

Take care and Happy Modelling


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start of my briefcase layout.

Gday All!! I have started on my T-Gauge briefcase layout. As seen below I have purchased an aluminum case for 'visual appeal' during exhibitions. I was thinking of finding an old case for the layout but I thing I would be portraying the wrong message. I wanted to promote something that is 'new' and 'fresh'. I have (with the assistance of Leo from my local model club :-) ) cut out a piece of plyboard to use as the base. I used temporary pieces of foam (later to be replaced with timber) to elevate the ply. Deciding on an angle I would like the layout to be I traced the track oval onto the board. It is now that I can draw my layout design onto the board and start the landscaping and scenery. I need a few materials before starting the scenery. Particularly since I have to scratchbuild most of the buildings.

I purchased some packets of Hornby 'Wire Foliage Branches' to use as trees. Here is a pic of these.

I will be starting on the landscape in the next few days so stay posted.

I also hope to try and adapt the Eishindo mech and bogies to the scratchbuilt rolling stock that Paul has designed. The progress of this will be posted up here soon too.

Cheers and happy modelling!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Im a T-Gauge OWNER!!!

Hooray!!! I am now the proud owner of some very smaaaalll trains!! I dont think I will ever get used to how small this Gauge actually is. As soon as I got home the trains and track were out of there respective boxes. I might say here how very impressed I am with the packaging. Top job Eishindo!! Everything was well packaged with minimal movement and secures with tape.
The first test run went well with no issues to report. The only thing of note is that one powered car travels faster than the other. That is of no issue as I plan to convert it to a Victorian Railways locomotive/railcar and will most likely be running them independantly.
I have also purchased an aluminum case to build the layout in. I will post pictures as soon as possible. With regards to the layout it will be Victorian prototype. I have written down a list of features that I would like to include on the layout that would suit this prototype. These include a trestle bridge (likely to be on the corner), a cutting and embankment plus a small VR station and Goods Shed.
This is where I leave you for now. As mentioned earlier I will post pictures up as soon as possible. Take care.