Friday, January 30, 2009

My Layout Progress

Gday everyone!! Here are some shots of the progress of my briefcase layout. I have finished the trestle bridge and have scratchbuilt some level crossing lights. I will make a post later on with the methods used to make each of these. After completing the landscape (made from shaped foam covered with thin layer of plaster) I painted the entire layout in acrylic brown. I added different shades of brown to the sides of the cuttings as these would recieve less foilage later. I the attached the track to the base board and taped up the rails. Spraying fine mist of water and PVA glue to the entire layout I then added the grass. For the grass I used Woodland Scenics Fine Turf ('Burnt Grass' and 'Earth'). I added two fine coats of each of these colours.
So now I am up to the stage of making shrubs and trees. I also have to do the buildings for the little town near the road intersection. These will include an 'Aussie' Pub, General Store, a few houses, Railways station and goods shed.
I will edit this post at a later date to add some pictures of the landscape before it was painted and 'grassed'.
Paul has alspo made huuuuge progress on his layout. He has utilised the same steps as I have done and is up to the same stage. I will make a post of his layout when I get pictures of it while 'grassed'!

Until then........Happy Modelling

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