Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start of my briefcase layout.

Gday All!! I have started on my T-Gauge briefcase layout. As seen below I have purchased an aluminum case for 'visual appeal' during exhibitions. I was thinking of finding an old case for the layout but I thing I would be portraying the wrong message. I wanted to promote something that is 'new' and 'fresh'. I have (with the assistance of Leo from my local model club :-) ) cut out a piece of plyboard to use as the base. I used temporary pieces of foam (later to be replaced with timber) to elevate the ply. Deciding on an angle I would like the layout to be I traced the track oval onto the board. It is now that I can draw my layout design onto the board and start the landscaping and scenery. I need a few materials before starting the scenery. Particularly since I have to scratchbuild most of the buildings.

I purchased some packets of Hornby 'Wire Foliage Branches' to use as trees. Here is a pic of these.

I will be starting on the landscape in the next few days so stay posted.

I also hope to try and adapt the Eishindo mech and bogies to the scratchbuilt rolling stock that Paul has designed. The progress of this will be posted up here soon too.

Cheers and happy modelling!


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