Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Pointer Sisters once said, "Im so excited. That I just cant hide it.". This describes how I feel at the moment. Waiting for the T gauge stock to arrive. Itching to start a play with the tiny trains myself..... oh my heart races!!

I started a trestle bridge earlier this week. Measuring and figuring how theyre made....easy. It was going good until I decided to attempt to make one span out of brass wire. The choice of material was only as this was all that I had at home that would fit to scale. Trying to solder something that small requires a much more precis soldering iron than my 'lumpy' old one.

So to cut a long story short, I have decided to try the same design using styrene rod and glue. I dont have any styrene rod so after I post this im going shopping :-) !!

Below is an image of some trees that I purchased at our N scale club. The palm trees are made from a metal of some sort. If I was to guess I would say they are an etch. My camera doesnt take the best clost up shot (hmmm Christmas present for self) but the detail of the palms are amazing. The other trees I also think are an etch of some sort. I connot remember how much I paid for these or where they are available from. I will find out and post details on here as I think they are of great design and detail and would suit a T gauge layout quite well.
Take care and no doubt ill make a post when the T gauge stock arrives....."im so excited..."

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