Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introducing GRANDVIEW.

Gday All.

No these arent photos from the recent trip to Orbost. These are indeed the CrAzY photos of Pauls progress showing he, like Chuck Norris, doesnt sleep!!

Words nor photos can display the amount of time and effort that has gone into this piece of foam to recreate an era long gone. Paul tells me that there is much more detail to go into this scene such as telegraph poles, bitumen road, power poles, fenceposts, houses and of course the rail over old highway trestle bridge.

Elevated view from the 'new' highway bridge showing T325 rounding the curve (soon to be the large trestle bridge of 157 trestle piers). Again much more work is required to recreate the scene as per Weston Langfords photo on the day Paul is modelling (

Overall photo of the second and third modules. Each tree is handmade or heavily altered wire foliage branches. Many hours have been spent creating the trees alone.

Land perspective view of the hill. Many photos were referenced to ensure the size placement of the trees replicated the original location as at October 1981. Currently the lower half of this hill is extremely dense. Nature is engulfing and rapidly rotting the bridge.

View along the old highway towards the hill.

With the treeline now completed, this takes us one step closer to recreating the sensation of being in a place of great scenery and amazing feats of railway engineering. This also represents a time when the thunder of steams trains still echoed through this valley.

A lot has been completed but a lot remains. We hope you stay tuned.

Take care and happy modelling

Adrian and Paul

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