Sunday, March 17, 2013


Gday All,

I have been greatly inspired by Pauls layout, Orbost.  His attention to detail has made me rethink my approach with my suitcase layout and T Gauge in general.
With this in mind, I have been having a great time tinkering with Google SketchUp.  Utilising a couple tutorials online and some spare time I was able to learn the skills required to create some T Gauge items.  So far I have designed a VR ZF guards van and a Country Pub. I am designing these with the goal to get them 3d printed.

These photos (taken of the screen with my mobile :-) ) show the comleted ZF van.  Ive made the model solid as I am still refining my techniques and am not sure about wall thickness vs printing etc.  I have placed an order for a few ZF's and am really hoping they turn out alright. :-)

These photos show the Country Pub.  I have a place for this on the re-designed suitcase layout as below.

Last night I commenced the redesign of the suitcase layout.  Here is the final design.  It looks a mess but as you will see in coming posts there is method to my madness!!

I have also taken all the good items off the layout in preparation for the new layout.  Here is what was left!!!

I hope to commence landscaping tonight so will endeavour to keep the blog updated.

Take care and Happy Modelling!!

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