Friday, March 29, 2013

Briefcase Layout v2

Gday All
Grab a cuppa, sit down, get comfortable and prepare yourselves for an update!!  A big one at that.  I have been very busy working on my new and improved Briefcase layout (yet to be named).  
The design still based on the original concept I had for the first Briefcase.  My concept is to display what can be achieved with a small amount of track in a small area whilst remaining within a prototype, showing you do not need much space or money to enjoy model railways.  In this case (pardon the pun!) I've chosen a small country Victorian town nestled in a valley, along a meandering river.  With only a few buildings including a Pub, petrol station, railway buildings and some small homes I hope to portray some of the character of a small Victorian railway town.

I wont babble for much longer and will let the pictures show the progress.

The plan and the base foam board finally meet.
Cutting the base board and the pieces for the hills and cuttings.  Thank you Paul for the use of your workshop, and power tools and cleaning up my mess. :-)
Here is all the foam needed for the layout.  A bandsaw did a great job at cutting the foam precisely.  Using the overlay of the plan, I will be able to mark and cut out the valley.

I have started to shape my landscape using a sharp bland and fine sandpaper.  *ADVICE* Do this outside or at a mates workshop! :-)
Glued the hills to the base.  Further smoothing and test fit of the buildings.
Using putty, I moulded the hills into the valley.  My river wasn't 'meandering' enough so i marked out an altered route
More moulding.
I have cut out the roads using styrene. Here I am moulding the putty to ensure the road bridge looks prototypical.  Note those are not the piers I am using in the final layout :-)
I have received a number of packages in the mail in the last few days including a  "TGauge 8 Pack" from OzRailwaysTstuff at and a Station Building from
The houses are also available from  Search for "T Gauge". 
This building is available from was an absolute delight to build.  Using double sided tape (attached) the building simply sticks together.  I of course couldn't stop at that and attached a scratchbuilt platform, verandah and painted in VR colours.
I finished the landscaping by smoothing out the putty and foam with fine sandpaper and then applied a base coat of paint. 
I couldn't stand staring at the plain white houses any longer so I created this.  The house was first painted with Enamel paints.  I found acrylics too 'gluggy'.  I then used a small piece of styrene and applied the Eishindo T gauge grass adhesive.  I cut out the driveway and footpath using a blade.  I also scribed the little lines in the path and painted grey at this time.  The front fence is made from N scale ladder and painted white.  This property was designed by my daughter and continues to grow in detail.
My petrol station utilizes a Shapeways house (by tv_man) that has been kitbashed.  I removed the verandah on the house.  Then constructed the station verandah poles and pumps from scrap styrene.  Added details including sign and guards from the Eishindo Road Signs and Street Lights Set and a N scale 44gallon drum.
My neighbourhood continues to expand.  The new property on the right was designed by my son.  I built the hedge from foam.  I added the centre strips to the driveway.  He wanted a little Aussie flag.  
Here is the neighbourhood as it is today.  Painted petrol station with added vending machines, two new properties in the foreground and a piece of paper where the Pub will go.  My wife wanted to build a property so she has painted and is about to start landscaping the house with the green roof.  I started the house next door.  Including a little man mowing his lawn.  These properties will have post and rail fences facing the rail formation. 

I hope you have enjoyed the progress so far.  I continue adding details to the buildings on the layout as I think of them.  Next will be to start adding grass to the rest of the layout.  If your thinking of getting into T-Gauge........DO  IT!!!  This is SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!
If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me or check out the NEW Facebook page: Victorian T Gauge.

Take care and Happy Modelling