Sunday, October 21, 2012



 Without further adue, the star of show, the famous long trestle bridge.  Consisting of a mammoth 157 piers, this monster measures 770metres in length.  This converts to just over 1500mm in T gauge.

Pictured below is its creator with the cut out bridge deck, displaying its length (and his height which is 6ft 2in!!).

Below is a photo of the prototype, facing towards the Orbost terminus.

Here are the raw materials (0.8mm Tee tree and sliced Bass wood) used to construct the piers.  

The next two photos exhibit the construction stage.  Each of the 157 piers are unique meaning they were constructed in order using the photos taken of each pier. 

 The first of three stains covered the yelloow appearance of the Bass wood during construction.

The majority of the piers, through the middle of the bridge, measured 5mm high.   The piers deepen to around 7-9mm at each end of the bridge.

Here is the bridge with the completed piers in place. 


Rob said...

Bloody nutters! Looks awesome!

Shelton D'Cruz said...

absolutely brilliant!

Thorpy43 said...

Looks Fantastic, can't wait to see the end result