Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Track + Ballast + Power = ???

Gday All,

Another milestone has been reached with the first section of track being glued down and ballasted.  This enabled the FIRST EVER POWERED RUN of Orbost.  More of that later.......

First step in this process was to solder feeder wires to the rail.  The track was then fixed to the base board using a super glue gel. Haste was necessary to ensure the correct allignment of the track.

Ballast was sourced from the ACTUAL rail allignment.  This was crushed with a hammer and sifted through a stocking.  Following this the ballast was applied by a straw. 

This shows all the ballast in place.  The next step was to gently smooth this out with a dry paint brush.

The ballast first wet with a solution of water and detergent then mixture of PVA and water was applied through an eye dropper.

After the ballast had set, an artist chalk was rubbed over the railtops and blended onto the ballast with a dry brush, as indicated on the the left, compared to unweathered ballast to the right.

This winds up yet another blog update.............

Oh yeah the videos you ask???? :-)

This is a video taken with an iPhone.  Fortunantly the camera is located quite low enabling an EPIC view of the railway. 

This video was uploaded by the owner of Hobbies Plus (www.hobbiesplus.com.au), who is the Australian supplier of T gauge products.

Hope youve enjoyed this MAMMOTH update.

Take care and HAPPY MODELLING!!

Paul and Adrian.

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