Sunday, July 17, 2011

And now we have COLOUR!!!

Gday all,
We would first like to welcome and thank our new blog followers. We appreciate all the kind remarks from the Morwell Model Railway exhibition and various forum.
Progress on the layout has been delayed slightly due to Paul working on a VR 5" L class locomotive (pictures of this will soon appear on the 5" blog).
We assure you that Orbost is still underway. The following pictures are evidence of this.

This photo demonstrates the effort Paul has put into this area. The undulation of the land is more defined and the colours and textures of the ground layer are spot on!!

Looking towards the train as it moves along the land fill in between the two bridges. The road still needs surfacing and shrubs and trees added.

This photo shows the third module. GPS and visits to the area were used to model this hill as accurate as possible. The closer hill is almost ready for ground surfacing to match the second module. New information has recently been obtained showing an error in the hill in the background. This hill will be replaced with the correct one.

Overall shot showing the colouring of the two modules. Very fine coloured foam was used in conjuction with half water half PVA glue. to create this layer.

This photo shows the detail put into the plowed field. A comb was used while wet and again while dry. The fence posts are AMAZING!!! Paul has measured fence opst in the area and these are to scale. 2mm high, 0.4mm thick and 10mm apart..........WOW!!!

I hope you enjoyed the introduction of colour to this rapidly developing layout.


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B 67 said...

Hmmm! Not bad. A bit more practice and you'll be a pretty good modeller. :)