Monday, May 23, 2011

Orbost progressing VERY fast!!

Greetings All!!

Its been a while since my last update. Unfortunantly ive been having issues with my intenet at home. In the mean time Paul has been putting a LOT of time into Orbost. This involving two trips to the actual location which is around a SIX hour round trip!!! The reason for these trips as you will see in the following pictures.
This first photo shows the progress made in the station area. The white styrene shows the road formation. During the trips many notes were made and photos taken detailing the geography of the land including water courses and distances.

In this photo Paul is demonstrating the length of the second, larger bridge. This photo also demonstrrated the use of the Google Maps overlay to ensure accurate scaling.

This photo Paul is demonstrating the length of the first smaller bridge just heading out of the station. I tried to capture the amount of work Paul has put into land formation. A lot of work has been put into this area of the layout.

This is the start of the larger bridge where landfill meets trestle. During floods the water rushes under this bridge and erodes the land underneath.

Finally here is Paul proudly showing off the progress of this extremely impressive layout, even at such an early stage. This photo does only show one and a half modules with another one and a half modules to complete to go!!

Now the internet is back ill attempt to update more often.

Take care and happy modelling.



Colin Mansell said...

would love some Victorian T locos and rolling stock. Am about to venture into the T arena.

Colin Mansell

Anonymous said...

Massively interesting, impressive work!