Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VR Flat Top T Class

Everything except the bogies and couplers on this locomotive are scratchbuilt. The handrailwas are 6-thou brass wire and the steps are hand cut and are glued from 5 thou syrene. The chassis is made from 40 thou (1mm) styrene, the body 10 thou styrene, and the fuel tank hand carved lead . The next group of locos Paul intends to use power pickup bogies and light locos. The Series 3 T is being built now and the VR Y class is next.

The hand-painted VR is located in a 0.7mm circle on each end of the locomotive.
The Series 3 Chassis, Series 1 T and DERM.
Yes it is T gauge!!
Have a closer look!!

Paul hopes to begin modelling as many of the features and bridges on the Orbost line as possible. He hopes to recreate the feel of travelling from Bairnsdale to Orbost in 1980, on a tour special. But thats another post. :-)
Happy modelling!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Victorian T Gauge Video!!!!

Gday all!!

I have uploaded a video to YouTube.


It shows the current rolling stock on Nowa Nowa. Note that this layout is operated by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).



Amazing Detail

Gday All!!

We had the opportunity over the weekend to catch up and photograph and video Pauls T Class chassis' operating on his layout Nowa Nowa. These are some of the results.

The bridge we know well, however the following photos are taken in actual sunlight so therefore casting more realistic shadows.

The leading T class rounding the curve onto the straight.

Sunlight reflecting on the carriage windows. Just reminding you all that this is T Gauge!!!

Dont believe me :-)

I have a movie in development and will post to YouTube and here when done.
Happy Modelling!!!