Thursday, April 12, 2012

Newmerella Trestle Bridge

Gday All,

After a 5 month break from modelling and with the Stawell exhibition coming up progress has once again 'snowballed' in the last few days. Paul has been busy using up all his spare time working on this little masterpiece.
The prototype bridge modelled has long since been dismantled with only one pier remaining.

The picture below shows the completed bridge. Note the roadway, powerlines and telegraph pole line are yet to be constructed. This does not take away from a beautiful scene!!

0.6mm microply was used for the bridge deck. The main girders were constucted using 10thou styrene cut into 4 strips, 2mm x 24mm and laminated with 10thou styrene rod to represent the angle iron detail on the face. The two 'H ' beams were constructed in a similar fashion as there was nothing comercially available small enought to represent the prototype. Note the picture under the model. This photo was taken in 1970 before they filled the UP end of the bridge (where the loco is) with earth fill. This was common practice at the time to reduce service costs on aging infrastructure. Paul is modelling 1981 post the area being filled in.

Here is a shot showing the smallest pier on the bridge. The same method as building the other trestle was used. Refer to earlier posts for more details.

An almost completed bridge with one remaining pier on the right to be built. The bridge stands 16mm high and will recieve a grey wash to represent the aged redgum of the prototype and the girders painted matt black.

The underside of the completed bridge awaiting installation.

T325 runs light engine towards Bairnsdale. The clearance sign is 1.5mm high and was printed using a laserjet printer. The girders recieved a mild rust chalk weathering.

I love this shot. It demonstrates the single line passing through the Victorian countryside. For people that are new to T gauge, the flex track has quite a twist to it out of the box. This will be fixed when the track is fixed and ballasted permenantly to the base. Many more detail items are yet to fill this scene. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Looking from the hill toward the township of Orbost. The scene today is almost completely identical minus rail and bridge. :-(

I struggle to get used to the size of T gauge and all that can be achieved. This photo truely demonstrates the tiny size and fine craftsmanship used to create a miniature marvel.

We will be attending the Grampian Model Railroaders exhibition in Stawell, 7th and 8th July 2012. If you are amazed by the photos here then, if possible, you simply must come and see Orbost 1981 in the flesh!!! We will be all to happy to spend time talking and explaining every aspect of the build to date.

We love exhibitions!! The amount of inspiration gained when you have a target date is amazing. Even though Orbost will likely not be finished and operational, Paul is aiming to have as much done as possible by July.

Likewise I will be attending with a large selection of Victorian 5inch goodies. Check the other blog for details.

Take care and HAPPY MODELLING!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian and Paul