Thursday, March 29, 2012


Gday All!!!

I apologize for the delay since our last post. Both Paul and I have been focused on other projects including 5" track expansion and spending a lot of the summertime cruising in the Monaro!!
Paul is still enthused as ever to see this project completed however such delays can be expected when you have a thousand interests!!! :-)

Alright...... to kick things off we start with a photo of Paul with his much loved layout as it is today. This view captures the layout as a whole and demonstrates the vast landscapes that can be modeled in T gauge. Over the coming years this layout will continue to progress towards 'Bairnsdale', with modules capturing key locations of the line. From this photo the line will progress along the tree line. Stay tuned for this progress.
Layouts of 40thou styrene were used to raise the surface to rail height to represent the bitumen and sandstone that was used in the yard. Two pieces of 40 thou styrene were also used to fabricate the patform as you see here. This area of the layout still requires much attention as it is the most densely detailed area of the layout.
What can I say.......... Paul has an illness!! Your eyes do not deceive you. Paul has used very fine copper wire to represent the telegraph pole line. This is currently replaced with a more elastic material that will not distort and will stay tight. These lines closely resemble human hair when viewed with the naked eye. The paddock fences are strung with a nylon thread pulled from a stocking. Superglue was used at one end, the line was then tightened and glue was progressively added to the tip of each post, securing the nylon in place. Repeating this process enabled the second line to be installed. This is only a small trial section, with many more fences to go. This method was a success and to the naked eye, resembles a web from a spider!!!
Check this out!!! The 'famous' Grandview photo!!! Compare this with the photo from the older post.

Another view of the swamp. This time with a clear shot of the DERM as it makes its way up the grade on the return trip to Bairnsdale.

Looking up the 'old' highway to where the third bridge was located. The roads are yet to be constructed and installed. This will be the next bridge that Paul will construct. Hurry Up Paul!!!!!!!!!

A photo showing clearly where the bridge will be located. The swamp is behind the landfill to the right. The telegraph line will be at the base of the hill and the foreground will be littered with fence lines.

The view of an Orbost train crossing the (to be constructed) bridge, HURRY UP PAAAUUUULLL!!!! This bridge will be very closely modeled after the 770 metre prototype.

A view of the same train from the old highway........... a bridge would be nice PAUL!!!!

This sadly concludes tonights update. For those living in Victoria, we are attending the model railway exhibition in Stawell this July. I will post further details at a later date.
Although the layout wont be functioning, Paul intends to have much more goodies added by this time.
Last time......HURRY UP PAUL!!!!!! I, like you all are eager to see what other mini masterpieces you can create.
Till then,

Take care and HAPPY MODELLING!!

Adrian and Paul.